Using Personal Home Care To Help With Your Health And Mobility Needs

As you get older, you might experience challenges with your health and ability to get around your house safely. You may no longer be able to take a shower or bath on your own. You also might be at an increased risk of falling down and getting seriously hurt because of your physical limitations.

However, you may not be ready to move out of your house and into a nursing home or assisted living community. Instead, you may prefer to hire personal home care services to help you with tasks related to your health and mobility.

Assistance with Bathing

Your limited mobility might make it dangerous to take a shower or bath on your own. You might fall down in the shower and break your hip, arm or shoulder. You also might trip over the side of the tub or shower stall and crack your skull on the floor.

Even worse, you might lie there for hours or longer before anyone finds you and calls 911. Rather than take that risk in your own home, you can hire personal home care workers to help you. These workers can help you in and out of the tub or shower stall safely. They can also ensure you do not fall and get hurt while you are bathing or getting dressed.

Help with Walking 

You also might need some help walking safely around your home. Even with a cane or walker, you might trip over the edges of carpets or the trim of your wood or linoleum floor. You also may be unable to climb stairs safely on your own. 

However, the personal home care workers you hire can help you walk to and from the bathroom, into the kitchen, up and down stairs and other places in your home. You avoid tripping and falling as you walk. You also avoid having to stay in one place out of fear of falling and getting hurt.


Finally, your personal home care workers can keep you company each day. You might be lonely because of how busy your own family is. You avoid having to beg your children and grandchildren to visit you and can instead get company from the personal home care professionals who come to assist you each day.

Personal home care services can help you remain safe at home. You can take a bath, get dressed and walk around your house without falling and getting hurt. You also get companionship and may avoid feeling lonely.