In-Home Nursing Services Family Caregivers Should Consider

When your loved one became sick, you likely stepped in to become a family caregiver. Being an in-home caregiver is a 24-hour job that requires all of your attention. Over time you may start to look for options to help you with the long term health issues your loved one is experiencing. While you are looking for in-home nursing services, there are some options you should consider that benefit both yourself as the family caregiver and your sick loved one. Here are a few of those services and what to know about them. 

Bathing and Hygiene

You may find that you can handle most of the daily health care issues that come up. What you may have difficulty with are the tasks related to bathing and changing bedding. You can have an in-home nursing assistant come in and help with the bathing and bedding changes a few times a week. These assistants are trained in how to do bed baths as well as how to help move your loved one to the bathroom for showers and grooming needs. These visits can range from an hour to two hours a few times a week.

Sitting Services

You may find that you have tasks you need to do out of the house or that you need to have a small break. This is an issue that many family caregivers have. Many in-home nursing services have options called sitting services. This means that a caregiver will come to the home and sit with your loved one while you run errands or take care of appointments. The sitter is usually trained as a nursing assistant or home health aide. This means they can handle most issues that may come up. If medication is needed or there is an emergency, they will call an on-call nurse to the home. 

Overnight Observation

You may have a concern that something will happen overnight and your family member will need assistance. A service that many in-home nursing companies provide is an overnight sitter for observation or to ensure that you can rest while your loved one rests. This service can also include administering medications that are scheduled during the overnight hours. If bathroom visits or bedding changes are needed, they can also be done by the overnight nursing staff. 

If any of these services would help in your situation, contact a local in-home nursing services provider. They can discuss the needs you have and help you determine which services may be ideal and how best to schedule those services. They can also answer insurance questions and payment questions for any fees that may fall outside of the insurance coverage.