Specialized In-Home Care For Seniors With Dementia

When an aging parent is diagnosed with dementia, a lot of people decide that it is time for Mom or Dad to go into a nursing home. They either do not know or do not realize that there is another option. Their parents can stay in the family home, and receive specialized in-home senior care services. Here is what those extra services look like for seniors with dementia.

Overnight Monitoring

A lot of seniors with dementia will get up and wander at night. It is okay if they wander the house, but not okay if they wander outside or try to get into a car and drive somewhere. This is one of the biggest concerns people have when choosing what to do with their parents that have this condition. However, you can hire a service that provides caring nurses that will sit in your parent's home at night, either asleep or awake (most people prefer that the nurses stay awake), and monitor your parent throughout the night.

If you do not want an extra person in the house, you can also hire someone to install security cameras and then have a person monitor those cameras remotely. If your parent does get up and wander out of the house at night, the person monitoring the cameras will be able to alert you, the police (a "silver alert"), and then drive to your parent's house to search for him/her, if need be. 

Orientation Therapy and Company

During the day, the nurses will be present to help keep your parent company. They will cook meals and tidy up while providing personal grooming to your parent. They will try to keep your parent oriented to place, date, and time, unless a more suitable type of therapy is appropriate to the level of dementia your parent has. 

Memory-Boosting Activities

In addition to the above services, nurses can plan in-home activities to help boost your parent's memory skills. Things that keep a mind sharp include arts and crafts, chair exercises, music (playing or listening), knitting or crocheting, and reading out loud. Card games and board games also help keep the mind working and lessen the effects of memory loss and dementia. Nurses will schedule these activities throughout the day between periods of rest and periods where the nurses are cleaning, cooking, and/or providing personal cares for your parent. If you would like any of the above services, do not hesitate to ask the home health care company you hire. 

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