6 Different Ways To Get Outside Help Taking Care Of Your Aging Parents

Aging in place has become more normal in the United States. However, aging in place requires a community around the person who is aging in place. If your parents want to age in place, it is your job to make sure that they have the resources and ability to do so. Here are five different ways to get help for your parents.

#1 Adult Day Care Programs

Adult day care programs are great ways to make sure that your parents are taken care of during the day. Adult day care programs often provide transportation to and from the program. The day care facilities are often hosted in community centers, where there are activities throughout the day that your parents can participate in and other seniors that they can socialize with. Day care facilities will also take care of meals for your parents while they are there and should be able to take care of basic health needs, like providing medication.

#2 Home Health Care Service/ Senior Home Care

Home health care services may be covered by your parent's insurance program if your doctor recommends the services. Senior home care services can help your parents with things such as hygiene. They can also help with medical tasks and other day to day tasks that impact your parent's help. This isn't round the clock care, but the more eyes and people you have watching your parent's health, the better.

#3 Meals on Wheels

Meals On Wheels helps ensure that seniors get at least one hot meal a day. Most communities have meals on wheels or similar programs for senior citizens. They generally accept most seniors regardless of income level. This can be another great way to make sure that your parent's dietary needs are being met and that they are getting the right level of interaction with other people.

#4 Senior Companion Programs

Many communities have senior companionship programs. These programs are volunteer based and help provide companionship to senior citizens. These groups may be run by churches or community organizations. See if there are an organization like this in your parent's community that you could connect them with.

#5 Family & Friends Shifts

If any family or friends live in the area, set up a schedule to have people visit and help your parents out. This doesn't have to be a daily thing. For example, maybe your aunt is willing to drop by once a month and your old childhood friend is willing to drop by every few months to check on your parents. Resource and coordinate to make sure that people are checking up on your parents and helping them out.

#6 Automated Errands

Finally, help automate errands for your parents. Find a landscaping company to come and take care of their yard. Hire a housekeeping service to come in every week and clean up your parent's home. Hire someone to go grocery shopping for your parents or pay for a delivery service to drop off groceries for your parents. Help automate their errands and make life a little easier on them.

If your parents want to age in place, you need to help build up a community around them. There are lots of different ways to build up that community, from paid assistance to family and friends to community programs and volunteers.