Worried You Aging Parent Can’t Care For Themself? What To Do First

If the visits you make to check on your aging parent are becoming less often and Gaithersburg in between, it may be time to get some assistance with their care. There are different types of professionals that can help, and a home nursing assistant may be the most practical and affordable option for you. Here are some of the signs that indicate you need some help with your parent, and ways a nursing assistant can help out.

Needs Help with Basic Life Skills

If your parent isn't able to provide themselves with basic life skills, they can get help with a nurses assistant for the following:

  • Bathing or showering
  • Changing catheter
  • Replacing colostomy bags
  • Feeding assistance

If your parent needs help with more advanced things, like getting moved for bed wounds, doing therapy, changing dressing or sheets and more, these are other things that the nursing professional can assist with.

Requires Regular or Daily Assistance

Do you need someone to check in on your parent one a day when you aren't able to be there? If so, this another great purpose for the nursing assistant. They can check in on your parent, help them with their daily basic needs, take their vitals, and then deliver a daily email or report about how your parent is doing and can alert the proper medical professionals or authorities if something is wrong. 

Other Assistance Options 

You may need more help other than just medical assistance. If you worry about your parent being able to provide for themselves, consider these services as well:

  • a grocery delivery option
  • meal distribution service
  • traveling physical therapists

You may also want to find a cleaning company, along with lawn care and snow removal if these are other concerns that you have for your parent and their home. 

You don't want to always worry about what will happen to your parent if you can't make it out to see Jen every day, or if you can't make it out to their house a few times a week. Instead, get the necessary help they need so you know that they are safe. There are a lot of different professionals that will be covered under their health insurance or programs that have assistance options to keep the costs down. Talk with your parent's physician to see what medical assistance they recommend for your parent, and to see what services are with the investment. 

For more information, contact a company like wayshomecare.com.