Ways To Help Your Elderly Relative While They Are Recovering From A Sprained Ankle

If your elderly relative is recovering from a sprained ankle and has been having difficulty moving around as a result, consider using the following tips to aid them in their recovery and make their life less stressful

Hire A Home Health Aide

Hire a home health aide from a service like Queen City Home Care to assist your loved one with cleaning the wounded area, administering medication, grooming, and moving around inside of their home. An aide will do their best to make sure that your loved one remains comfortable and can also help prevent your relative from feeling lonely.

If your family member used to spend time socializing with others or visiting places outside of their home, they will appreciate having a companion to speak with on a regular basis. You will be provided with peace of mind by knowing that your loved one's needs are being met during times that you are not available to assist.

Rent A Scooter That Has A Built-In Basket

Rent a motorized scooter for your family member so that they can transport themselves around their home and property after their ankle starts to heal. A business that carries a line of medical devices may have scooters on hand that can be rented for short or long term use. A sales associate will show you how to operate the scooter so that you can assist your loved one when they first use it.

If the scooter that you rent has a built-in basket on front of it, your family member can bring medication, snacks, a beverage, or any other items that are needed if they are going to be moving around outdoors for a while. 

Offer To Complete Tasks At Scheduled Times

Set up a time each week to assist your loved one with tasks. Simple cleaning jobs or errands can be completed during this time and will help your family member feel as if their personal responsibilities and goals aren't being neglected while they are recovering. Providing your services will also give you the opportunity to spend extra time with your relative, which both of you may appreciate.

Ask your loved one to write down a list of cleaning tasks or errands that need to be completed and set up a schedule so that everything is handled in a timely manner. Show your family member the list and provide them with details about each activity that you have completed so that they will be reassured that you are handling the duties properly.