Home Health Care Or Nursing Home? Which Is Right For My Parent?

When a parent ages, it is a dilemma when they start showing signs of having difficulty in doing household tasks that they used to be able to accomplish with ease. If they are having health problems in addition to aging, things are even tougher for them to do on their own. When you start noticing them having trouble with everyday activities, you will need to decide how to get them the help they need. Two options available are home health care services and nursing home facilities. Here are the benefits of each in helping you decide which path would best suit your parent.

Opting For Home Health Care Service

If you hire a home health care service to help take care of your parent, they will have the benefit of staying within their home. If your parent is mentally fit, and has a few physical setbacks, home health care may be a great way for them to get help with their health problems without needing to move to a facility. There is no need for them to be afraid living in a new place and having to make new friends, which is a huge plus. Your parent will be able to keep their same routine without needing to follow strict guidelines in a facility. Staying at home will allow them to keep their self-esteem and often allows them to lead a content life while they are getting much-needed help. 

What Types Of Help Will Be Given?

Home health care workers are able to administer medication and tend to wounds of their patients. They work closely with the patient's doctor in making sure the right care is always being given. They will help with physical therapy sessions to help their patients continue with their mobility. They are able to help around the home with small chores, if needed. 

Home health care services will come to the home at a designated time each day to tend to their patients, but they are not a round the clock service. If your parent needs continuous care, a home care assistance service would need to be hired to help with chores and personal hygiene tasks. Another alternative is having your parent move to a nursing home.

Opting For Nursing Home Care

If you feel your parent is prone to many hazards by staying home without constant monitoring, a nursing home may be a better option. Caretakers are always available to help with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing and helping patients in the bathroom. Many people do not like the idea of moving to a nursing home, but if their health is at risk by staying home without monitoring, it can give you the peace of mind that your parent is under constant watch. 

What Type Of Help Will Be Given?

If your parent moves into a nursing home, they will have their own room, but they will have someone checking on them throughout the day and night to make sure they do not need help medically or physically. The facility would have a doctor on site to help with any medical problems immediately. Many elderly patients enjoy having the chance to socialize with others in the facility. All meals will be provided, making it easier on your parent since they will not need to worry about cooking for themselves.