5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Your Elderly Parent From Falling At Home

Every year, one in three senior citizens suffer a fall. Many of these falls result in an injury or a trip to the hospital. If you are caring for an elderly parent, you need to take steps to help them avoid falling; here are some suggestions that will help you take the proper precautions.

Tape Down Area Rugs

Area rugs can be hazardous for older people making their way around the house. Over time, corners might roll up or the rugs may bunch up in the middle. If you don't want to eliminate area rugs in your home to make sure that your parent doesn't slip on them, consider buying double-sided carpet tape and securing all the area rugs to the floor.

Remove Clutter

Clutter can make it more difficult for anyone to get around in the house. While shoes, toys and random objects will end up on the floor from time to time, do your best to keep the floor clear so that your parent will not trip as they walk about the house.

Use Hall Lights and Night Lights

If your parent needs to head to the kitchen or bathroom at night, it can be hard for them to get there in the dark. Make sure you use night lights and keep hallway lights on so that their path is illuminated. It is especially important that any stairway be well-lit, so that they are less likely to fall down.

Add Safety Bars and Railings

To help support your parent, you may want to consider adding railings and bars. For instance, if stairways don't have supportive railings, you might want to install one so that your parent has something to hold on to as they go up and down the stairs. Grab bars in the showers and around the toilet would also help to support your parent's weight so that they are less likely to lose their balance.

Understand Medications

Some of the medications your parent is taking might make them feel dizzy or lose their balance, Make sure you know what medications they are taking and what side effects those medications may have. 

If you know your relative is taking a medication that may make them less stable on their feet, try to be around them in case they have a misstep. If you can't be around all the time, consider calling a home care agency that can provide that kind of assistance.

Use the tips in this article to help protect your elderly parent from falling. For more ways to keep your parent safe, consult a home care agency like In Your Home Care that can send out a medical professional to help you make your home as safe as possible.