Living With Mom: When She Needs Care And You Have To Make Money To Survive

As your parents get older, they may get nervous about living alone. As their child, it's possible that you have decided to allow them to live in your home with you. This arrangement can work well in the beginning if your mom doesn't need any direct care. If your mom begins to decline, and she needs help from a caregiver, it's important to know your limits. You may need to get support services for your mom so that you can continue to work and support the household. 

Rehabilitative vs. Custodial Care

If you your mom recently underwent a surgery and she needs to undergo rehabilitation, a visiting nurse and other service providers could be sent to your home to provide her care. Insurance generally covers rehabilitative care. Problems with payment occurs when the care is no longer rehabilitative but instead custodial. Custodial care refers to care that isn't designed to help your mom heal from an injury, but instead is care given to your mom that she is no longer able to to give to herself. Custodial care is generally not covered by health insurance.

The Cost of an In Home Caregiver is Worth It

When you have to work, it's important to balance the physical demands of caring for your mom with your job duties. It is likely that your mom has some assets, and paying for a home caregiver to assist her with daily living needs is not a waste of money. While your mom may resistant to the care because she has to pay for it, there is a balance to be found between you providing her care and your mom having to pay for extensive care. Find a middle ground and do what you can, but you should not be sacrificing work hours to take care of your mom in your home. If you lose your job, you will jeopardize your living situation for you and your mom. 

Hiring a Caregiver Helps Avoid Burnout

It may be difficult financially to hire a caregiver for your mom. While you may want to care for your mother on your own, this is a difficult job that requires patience, stamina, and an abundance of flexibility. When you hire a caregiver to help provide care to your mom, you will give yourself a much needed break. While it is noble to try and take care of your mom on your own, you will burnout quickly without any help. For any additional questions, click here for more info about home care.