A Senior With Arthritis: Why You Should Hire A Home Care Nurse

Are you a senior with arthritis who is considering living in a retirement home for more assistance each day? You may find that using the services of a home care nurse is a better option because you won't have to adapt to a different environment. Find out below how a nurse can provide assistance from the comfort of your own home so you won't have to struggle with daily tasks that cause you pain.

What Makes Hiring a Home Care Nurse a Good Option?

As an elderly adult with arthritis, a home care nurse is a good option because he or she can help you take a bath or shower. If your arthritis pain is so severe that the smallest movement of your arms to wash your body is painful, a nurse will be able to do the washing for you. However, he or she can simply help you with getting in and out of the bathtub if you don't like the idea of someone bathing your body. A nurse will also be able to help you select an outfit and assist with putting it on.

A home care nurse can assist you with your medical condition by making sure you are taking your medication on schedule. He or she can also make sure your limbs are being exercised to prevent them from falling into an even worse condition. Although arthritis pain can be hard to cope with, you must keep your limbs active to prevent them from stiffening up. Medical assistance from a home care nurse will also include checking your vitals to make sure you don't need emergency medical attention.

A few of the services from a home care nurse that you may also get include:

  • Errand running
  • House cleaning
  • Sending off bill payments
  • Healthy meal preparation
  • Rides to medical appointments

Are Services from a Home Care Nurse Affordable?

The affordability of a home care nurse will depend on your income and the kind of services you need. However, you may be able to hire a nurse through the government aided Medicaid program if your arthritis makes you eligible due to it being a disability. You can apply for benefits in person at a state office by taking proof of your disability, income and filling out an application.

Having a nurse around your home can make getting through each day easier when suffering from arthritis. Get in touch with a home healthcare agency so a nurse can be assigned to visit and help you!  (For more infomormation, contact Comforter Home Care - Rockaway, NJ or another company)