5 Types Of Durable Medical Equipment

Medical equipment can be very expensive, especially if you have already retired and are working with a smaller income than you are used to. In order to make the transition easier, Medicare covers at least part of the cost of most durable medical devices. Durable medical equipment is essentially defined as any medical equipment that can be reused. This means that durable medical equipment does not include bandages, needles, or any other disposable medical equipment. The following are five examples of durable medical equipment. If you need any of these items or anything similar to these items, check your Medicare benefits right away.

1. Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Equipment

One type of durable medical equipment that is available and at least partially covered by Medicare are wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. This could include scooters that are both powered by motors or by hand, walkers, or even canes in some circumstances. The reason why these are considered durable medical equipment is because they can last for an extended period of time and are used for medical purposes. 

2. Breast Milk Pumps

Another type of durable medical equipment is the breast pump. Breast pumps can be used from child to child, as long as they still meet safety standards. Because you can use them for a long time and they can be reused or even resold, they are considered durable medical equipment and are therefore covered by Medicare.

3. Hospital Beds

Hospital beds also fall under the category of durable medical equipment. It is critical that these are covered by Medicare and other types of medical insurance because they can be very expensive, but necessary if a person is worried about keeping their legs elevated or not falling out of bed. 

4. Oxygen Equipment

Oxygen equipment can be reused constantly, even though the oxygen or albuterol is being used up. This is because the oxygen equipment is able to be refilled. You can take the equipment to a medical center in order to replenish your store of oxygen and receive the exact same oxygen canister that you turned in. 

5. Handrails

Finally, in some cases, handrails will be covered as durable medical equipment. These are considered durable medical equipment when they are being used for a specific medical purpose. An example of this might be if a person needs to wash his or her bed sores every day in order to avoid infection and can't get near the tub without slipping and falling. 

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