Understanding Different Home Health Services

Do you have a parent that has started showing signs of not being able to care for themselves? Or maybe you have recently suffered a severe injury and are finding it difficult to care for yourself while recovering. These are only two circumstances where consumers may start to look into home health care options. Home health care actually includes more services than just nurses and medical professionals providing medical care. In fact, patients can get help with psychiatric care and even routine household tasks. But how do you understand the different types of home health services?

Medical Services

Medical services are likely the most well-known type of home health services. This can include physical therapy to help recover after an injury or surgery, as well as occupational therapy in order to learn how to safely live on your own. Speech therapy is also an option for patients that are having to relearn communication skills. Assistance with wound care, medication management and skilled nursing care is also available with medical services.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services can be included in home health care for patients that are unable to safely travel to appointments. This service mostly includes counseling and therapy visits to help recover from a mental illness, or to provide ongoing treatment for psychiatric conditions. Psychiatric nursing services may also be ordered in the event a patient needs to be assessed or diagnosed for a mental health condition.

Homemaker Services

Patients receiving homemaker services through their home health care provider will receive assistance with performing normal household duties. This can include light cleaning, meal preparation, grocery shopping and caring for pets. Homemaker services can also include transportation to medical and other necessary appointments and running errands. Some organization and laundry services may also be a part of homemaker services. Assistance with bathing and personal care is also available.

In addition, homemaker services may provide patients with companionship or supervision during the day. This can include monitoring the patient while their family is at work, helping with writing a letter or paying bills and assisting the patient with exercising. However, keeping the patient company and giving them someone to socialize with can be one of the key benefits of homemaker services.

If you feel that you are in need of home health services, talk to your primary care physician to go over your options. These services must be ordered by a physician, and cannot be ordered on your own. A physician can also help evaluate your situation and determine what home health services are best suited for your needs through At Home Health Care.